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Pet Fish, Jet-Setting Help Gamut Media’s Phillip Yu Soothe the Stress Away

California creative reveals his work-life balance secrets.




Phillip Yu

I love working and have a strong passion for design, but everyone needs work-life balance. After a long week of work, I like to reward myself with a night out of dinner and drinks with my girlfriend or friends. The ultimate reward and favorite thing for me, however, is travel. I make it a goal to leave the country once a year to experience new places and new foods (so 2020 was difficult). I also have over 100 hours ($15k+) of tattoo art on my body. In addition, I have hobbies that I find relaxing and helpful for my sanity. One is a fish tank I keep in my office, which is soothing to look at. Another is the stock market, where I have good and bad days. Finally, I like certain anime series, which are very nostalgic to me. Some things never change, even when you grow up.

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