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Piping Hot Products from the 2024 ISA Sign Expo

The Brain Squad shares their favorites.




DURING THE THREE April days of the ISA International Sign Expo 2024 in Orlando, FL, signmaking machinery big and small hummed and whirred, neon and LED lights burned bright, and electronic displays shone with vivid colors. The sign pros in our Brain Squad recount the products, both new and forthcoming, that made the best impression on them on the tradeshow floor.

REACH FOR IT: Trucks with booms extended inside a convention hall is always an inspiring sight.


One thing you gotta love about the ISA International Sign Expo is the amount of equipment on display and being demo’d. From channel letter benders clacking away to boom trucks whooshing users in the air, the sights and sounds of sign equipment were aplenty.

  • I liked several of the new CNC machines, especially the one from Italy. Also, the 87-ft. Elliott crane that doesn’t require CDL or Crane Operators License. And the compact boom on trucks by Altec. — Earl Charles, Branded Sign Solutions, Helena, MT
  • The 800i 3-Tier system from BSE is an extraction system for one of my lasers. I can use it with my Trotec Speedy 400. I bought an 800i on the spot when I saw it. — Geoff Orlick, Quality Designs Ltd, Campbell River, BC, Canada
  • We love our new ChannelBender EX channel letter bender from SDS Automation. — James Cota, JC Signs & Graphics, Clear Lake, MN

PRINT PROOF: Printer manufacturers such as Canon display sample prints of all kinds.


Among the most common items on show at any ISA Expo are printers. From latex to UV, sublimation to 3D, all are represented.

  • I am very interested in the printers that can produce ADA braille. We are expanding into the multifamily industry. As we win more business it has become clear that becoming more efficient producing or printing ADA braille signs will be beneficial. We are excited to see the progress of printing technology in this realm. — Jonathan Wilhelm, Marketshare Inc., San Jose, CA
  • We liked seeing the Canon booth and their capabilities. Unless we missed it, we would have liked to participate in growing our sales. The show was clearly a way to do more work faster, but I just need to find more work first before we can justify the capabilities presented at the show. — Jim Brewer, Tennessee Sign Co., Murfreesboro, TN
  • It has been a while since I heard people talking about 3D printing for sign businesses. At last year’s ISA show we saw some manufacturers with the printers, and this year they also tried to show but unfortunately it is still too slow, But I’d like to see more of it. — Marco Milliotti, Image360 South Orlando, Orlando, FL
  • The Roland DG Dimense process was amazing. Seen it before, but it always impresses! — Derek Atchley, Atchley Graphics, Columbus, OH
  • NOT VAN GOGH: Though the textures suggest an Impressionist painting, this is actually a DG Dimense print.


Who better to appreciate the value of stock signs than sign pros themselves? A couple of Brain Squad members found some to their liking.


  • My wife Carly went to the Orlando show and she brought back a Mini Signicade Deluxe Countertop Sign Stand. I can see these being super easy for customers to use for lots of purposes, being the 8.5 x 11-in. size — they can print their own signage down the road and get plenty of value out of these. We have always had good experiences with the Plasticade Co. and their sales representatives at the show were very helpful. — Dennis Schaub, FastTrack Signs, Bellefontaine, OH
  • The sidewalk sign from Clear Digital and to put menus on was nice: a battery powered digital sign. I thought it was neat for restaurants to put their menu and specials on if the location had walk-up traffic or people waiting for tables to be seated. — Cody McElroy, Commercial Signs, Houma, LA

PICTURE PERFECT: The good people in the Everylite booth told us we would never get a good photo of this lights-on-fans effect. You be the judge.


You can’t turn around at an ISA Expo without being dazzled by all the lights on display — flashing, showing video content and even a visual trick or two.

  • Portable and rechargeable flex face light boxes from Mobile Lightbox and SEGO. Not only do they come in several sizes and dimensions, but they are also affordable. We hope to better understand their capabilities and limitations so we might be able to creatively hack them to offer our clients creative and unique signage that doesn’t require staying connected to a power source. — Russell Toynes, Studio Dzo, Austin, TX
  • Some amazing items that were at the show were the LEDs with Everylite. They had selective options and profile options that can work for many types of signs and are very user-friendly. Also had a very impressive display. — Alicia Brothers, Identiti Sign, Uxbridge, MA

A NEW CHANNEL: This channel letter (left) was constructed by an SDS Automation bender.


With more than 570 exhibitors at the 2024 International Sign Expo, essentially anything one can imagine that involves signs could be found. Key contacts are also there to be made, as a few Brain Squad members report.

  • I really enjoyed the Awning Innovations display, getting to see all their different styles of channel letters. It is often hard to show clients how cool some of those options will look in real life. So to be able to take photos of all the different options to show my clients has proven very helpful! — Alexandra Lund, Bismarck Sign Co., Bismarck, ND
  • I was very intrigued to discuss the Signage Details database/resource and had a great conversation with the creator John Nauta. I think it has a lot of potential for large-volume/national sign program drawing production and can see several applications for the resource. As always, I am on the look for additive manufacturing applications for the industry and pleased to see a couple more examples on the floor this year. — Keith Davis, KRD Design, Chester Springs, PA
  • The magnetic standoffs that MBS now carries, complete with an acrylic panel. Can be moveable (assuming magnetic capabilities) and interchangeable. — Shaun Ensign, Legacy Sign Group, Westville, IN

SEE IT ALL: The sights, sounds and experiences of an ISA Expo lead to making better and more profitable signs!

The 2025 International Sign Expo will be held April 23-25 in Las Vegas. We hope you’ll be on the lookout for hot products then and there, and you’ll let us know what catches your fancy.





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