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Positive Reaction to the Women in Signs Award, and More Reader Comments from June

Plus, a signshop owner seeks an insurance expert.




On June’s Women in Signs Award

  • I absolutely love that women in the sign industry are being featured. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and I learned from my aunt who started in the industry in the ’70s. So, it’s awesome to see us being featured instead of being wallflowers. — Meri Lindenmuth, G&L’s Sign Factory, Bethlehem, PA

Learning from mistakes

  • I enjoy reading about the experiences of successful sign business owners/managers. It would be helpful to have stories examining business failures, too. Many business owners can learn from others’ mistakes. — Vince Cvijanovic, Graphic Components, Greensboro, NC

Any insurance experts around?

  • What do smaller sign companies (10-15 people) have to pay for the various insurance polies? — Doug Bray, Alpine Sign, Dallastown, PA

May issue content reaction

  • On ‘Chief Charming’: Good read, articles like this are invaluable. On ‘Poachers Beware’: Very apropos. We run into this on a weekly basis, companies reaching out to our employees (through LinkedIn mainly). I like hearing from individuals actually at the sign companies, hearing their first-hand comments on various signage topics. — Brad Turpin, Jr., Ruggles Sign, Versailles, KY

3D imaging help

  • Everybody likes the floating 3D imaging I saw for the first time at the last ISA expo, but we can’t get any customers to actually purchase [it]. Is anybody having luck with this product, and what type of businesses are using it? — John Johnson, A-Plus Signs, Fresno, CA

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