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Ritrama Reorganizes its Graphics Products

New product presentation to take place at FESPA Global Print Expo.




Ritrama (Caponago, Italy) announced the reorganization of the company’s graphics products, designed to simplify the selection of large format digital printing films offered to the market. The products have been divided according to their main application, through four macro families: vehicles and transportation, architecture, signage and functional.

The “vehicles and transportation” family includes a wide range of products for the total or partial decoration of any types of vehicle: private, commercial, fleet, caravan, emergency, public security and public transport vehicles.

“Architecture” denotes a complete range of self-adhesive solutions for design projects, for promotional purposes or for different surface decoration in commercial or private buildings: from glazed windows surfaces to walls and floors.

The “signage” group collects a wide range of films for the personalization of signs, billboards, totems, displays and all surfaces in commercial buildings, public buildings, fairs and events.

Finally, the “functional” section includes all self-adhesive solutions for lamination, mounting, protection and application of all large format digital materials printed with the main types of ink. 

To ensure total accessibility to product information, three main tools have been developed to allow anyone to quickly and intuitively identify the product that best suits their needs: the catalog, website and the “product selector,” a tool, for smartphones and tablets. 


Ritrama plans to roll out this reorganization at next’s week’s FESPA Global Print Expo, in hall A4 at stand P57.

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