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Signs Direct, Signs Inform…And Signs Recruit

Behemoth Notre Dame truck wrap sent to football prospect’s house



College-football fans know that recruiting is a fiercely competitive business. This is exponentially more so in the Deep South, where football is religion. Schools must develop creative (and, hopefully, lawful) ways to lure their next generation of players, and those far from the recruit’s native turf must be resourceful to lure these prized athletes away from mom and dad. With National Signing Day looming on February 3, efforts to land star athletes are now reaching a fever pitch.

So, gridiron fans took notice of a tactic that the Univ. of Notre Dame took to woo Demetris Robinson, a 5-star wide receiver from Savannah, GA. The school trekked a wrapped 18-wheeler the approximately 900 miles from South Bend, IN to Savannah to impress him.

Simply more proof that, when you need to send a message, signs are the most effective means for doing so. However, I must editorialize and say I hope this wrap is only modestly successful. According to recruiting pundits, Robinson’s top two choices are Notre Dame and the Univ. of Georgia. Being a UGA grad myself, I hope that Robinson, in his next communication with Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly, says, "Coach, thanks for the thinking so highly of me. The wrap on truck is incredible. But, I’m a Georgia boy, so I’ve gotta say…Go Dawgs!"



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