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SignWeb Privacy Policy

What information is obtained, how it is used and how you can control it.



SignWeb is a sponsor-supported site, and advertising revenue keeps the doors open and the lights on. The more we know about our viewers, the better our site can be. The better our site is, the more people visit. The more visits we have, the more advertising we attract. That means you can continue to browse our site for free, and we can keep our writers, editors, designers and engineers off of the streets.

We take Internet privacy issues seriously. We wouldn’t want our personal e-mail addresses handed out; we will never give yours away without your permission. Period.

So here are the specifics about what information we take, how we use it, and what control you have over it. As ever, we welcome your comments. If you have questions, let us know.

Information Obtained

Simple: we only use the information that you provide. ST Media Group gathers no “click stream” data, which tracks how you use an online service. We don’t use cookies, either, a technology that allows a Web site to send an element of data to your browser, which stores the data on your computer. You will always know exactly what information we have about you, because you will have supplied it.

Please note that a posting to our message boards (with your e-mail address included) puts your address in the public domain. Although we will not automatically put you on our mailing list, someone else could.


Use of Information

With the information you provide, we describe for our advertisers who visits the site, and what their interests are. We’ll also send you our SignWeb e-mail newsletter that updates you about giveaways, contests, new features and changes to our Web site.

Your name and e-mail are never disclosed to a third party. You may opt out of receiving this newsletter at anytime.

Sharing Information

When signing in, you also have the option of receiving product and service information from our sponsors through ST Media Group. Again, your name and e-mail are never disclosed to a third party. <!–

The final option is to add yourself to an “opt-in” list which we make available to companies who market to people in the signage industry so that they might contact you firsthand with product information. We see this as a value-added service complimenting our publications, Web site and newsletter.–>


As with the newsletter, you may opt out of any of these mailings at any time. See “Opt Out” below for more detail.

Opt Out

Each e-mail newsletter that we send includes instructions on unsubscribing, or removing your name from our mailing list. It is easily done, and we will respect your wishes. If you change Internet service providers and need to correct your address, please unsubscribe yourself and resubscribe with your new address.



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