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Start a “Night Patrol” to Find More Business, Plus More To-Do Items for Sign Managers in November

Less daylight means more maintenance opportunities, if you’re willing to look for them.




OCT. 30-NOV. 5

FACILITIES One shop plans to revamp their vehicle wrap install space to adjust for the coming winter so they can keep snow and ice off cars and trucks to be worked on.

NOV. 6-12

MANAGEMENT November is just about the final opportunity to plan for all things end-of-year: events, bonuses, client gifts, vacation days, etc. If you haven’t yet, get on it.

MAINTENANCE Start a “night patrol,” as one shop reports doing when it begins to get dark an hour earlier this week. Yep, that means driving around and taking note for follow up the next morning, of any sign not shining bright.

NOV. 13-19

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS “Nothing beats completing a project that just blows the customer away,” one Brain Squad member says. “Their experience with you can easily be shared with a quick video filmed with your phone and shared on social media.”

NOV. 20-26

FINANCIALS A good item for your to-do list during this short week with Thanksgiving on Thursday is to complete your sales forecast and/or budget for 2023.

NOV. 27-DEC. 3

CHARITY One shop reports doing a “signs of support program” where nonprofits can submit a case for their cause and the shop considers producing signage for them. “We like to promote this during this time of year,” they say.

MARKETING Update your website occasionally and your social media regularly. Consider Google ads or a more traditional promotional mailing. (For more on this, see the Monthly Project below).


Put It On A Card

It’s time for a final push to grab your customers’ attention with a holiday marketing campaign.

The key is to keep it simple: Pitch one idea, one benefit and one emotion. The holiday season is not a time to experiment with new messaging. Provide the customer experience they have come to expect from you.

Don’t think in terms of a one-off marketing piece; create a multi-channel marketing campaign that includes direct mail, email marketing and social media. A single strategy that works across these multiple channels is a tried and true one: the holiday card.

Along with mailing it to your customers and prospects, you can promote it through your “owned” channels: your website, e-newsletter and social media. Mailing a printed card allows you to be more personal. Using it in your digital channels allows it to be shared and capture new audiences.

Some additional things to keep in mind when designing your card:

  • Keep the “holiday” messaging broad and design simple.
  • Add a personal or handwritten note when you can.
  • Be sure to get your holiday card in the mail early — shortly after Thanksgiving is best.

Provide a special offer if possible, like an “exclusive” holiday sale, limited time promo that creates urgency, or a discount code or loyalty reward.


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