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Stokes Sign Company Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Texas sign company has reached a milestone with more years of success to come.




Stokes Sign Company team photo 2024.

Stokes Sign Company (Austin, TX) is a custom sign and printing company that has been in business for three decades. The company was founded by current CEO Nancy Stokes Hearn. Stokes Sign has made a name for itself as a successful woman-started and woman-owned sign company in the industry. In honor of their accomplishment, we are going to take a look through their history.

The company now has a much larger presence of technology compared to when they first opened, and technology has become essential for the Stokes’ team to accomplish their work. “Our first big investment was a large-format cutter, and our most recent is a printer that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of. The only things that haven’t changed are the price of an 18 x 24-in. coroplast sign and the importance of the design(er). You have to be an artist to make a sign,” Stokes Hearn says. The technological change in their workplace will lead to further changes in their own design process.

Stokes Sign Company group photo circa 2007.

Stokes Sign Company has a passion for their design process. They want to do everything in their power to make their designs unique and give their clients satisfaction with their finished product. They want to make sure that their artwork is able to grab people’s attention, and give their team a chance to have freedom with their choice of art and projects.

“My favorite [project] was the Eco Safe van wrap,” Stokes Hearn says. “We were given complete artistic freedom and were able to incorporate original hand-drawn art into the design. Very effective and eye-catching. It was difficult to make wastewater management exciting but Captain Septic helped!”

One of many truck wraps designed and installed by Stokes Sign Co.


Stokes Hearn has expressed that even though she is a female owner of a sign company, her main goal is to be a “good business PERSON, not business woman, embodying the equality I wanted to see. Having women like Kari Bowen (our production manager) on my team is the change I’m most proud of.”

When asked about her company’s best day of business in the past 30 years, Stokes Hearn responds, “Besides my first day, which was just a dream come true, my best day in business was the day I hired Aaron Adams.” Of Adams, who would become her business partner, Stokes Hearn says, “From that day on there was no looking back. I could design it and he could build it. I invited him to come down from Abilene for an interview, and the rest is history. His dedication and solution-oriented approach have been the biggest game changers for our business.”

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