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Summa Expands Laser Cutting Capabilities

The Caron cradle feeder helps create an automatic cutting workflow for textile production.




Summa (Gistel, Belgium) announced that the company is partnering with Caron Technology S.r.l. to offer a new expansion to Summa’s L Series laser cutters: the Caron cradle feeder, according to a press release.

The combination of a Summa laser cutter and a Caron cradle feeder helps create an automatic cutting workflow that will make textile production incredibly efficient while retaining the highest level of quality, according to the release. The main job of the Caron cradle feeder is to facilitate and speed up the loading and changing of the media on the Summa L1810 laser cutter, without the need for a media core to attach fabric to the machine. The feeder ensures the media’s even distribution, accommodating for stretchy materials such as sportswear. Having multiple people struggling to load media into the laser cutter is no longer an issue. Loading wide and heavier media becomes feasible for a sole operator — all per the Summa press release.

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