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Tampa Council Denies Ikea Sign

Neighborhood groups oppose proposed 125-ft.-tall sign



The Tampa City council unanimously rejected a request from Ikea, the Swedish behemoth furniture retailer, to erect a 125-ft.-tall pole sign at its store on Adamo Dr. and North 22nd St. that would’ve featured a three-sided sign that bears the company logo and would’ve encompassed more than 1,800 sq. ft. of signage, the Tampa Tribune reports.

Neighborhood groups opposed the move, claiming that it would be harmful to the neighborhood’s character. Most citizens who attended the meeting said they like the store, but were opposed to the taller sign. In the Tribune article, Michael Maier, Ikea’s real-estate manager, said, “We’re one of the largest retailers in the area, and we need more visibility.”

The store currently features a three-sided, 35-ft.-tall pole sign, which was constructed after the city granted an exemption on its 20-ft., sign-height limit.



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