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Caldera V9 RIP Software Enhancements




Chris and Kathi Morrison own and operate The Image Specialists, a full-service graphics company based in Clements, CA. Chris is also a Microsoft-certified systems engineer.

Key Information
Caldera Software
1 rue des Frères Lumière – BP 78002 – Parc d’Activités d’Eckbolsheim
67038 Strasbourg Cedex – France
+33 (0) 3 88 21 00 00

Contact: Sebastien Hanssens, vice president marketing and communication
+33 (0) 6 777 25 833
[email protected]

RIP software should enhance and refine a large-format printer’s inherent capabilities implanted by the developing engineers. Accordingly, Caldera, for the past 20 years, has continuously elevated its RIP competencies — color standards, workflow, speed, image quality and ease of use — to, in turn, advance the operations of its supported printers worldwide.
Clearly, Caldera’s Linux or Mac-based platforms allow you to streamline your resources because the processor and memory are optimized for applications and not consumed by the system. Thus, the RIP and print systems operate faster in a multi-task environment. Further, the RIP resides on one platform; thus processing is easier (and you purchase one update for all machines). Also, Caldera says the single-residence RIP platform reduces training time.
Caldera’s recently introduced V9 RIP comprises the latest version of the Adobe print engine, APPE 2.5, which delivers such added productivity features and refinements as enhanced color options, improved transparency, faster preview functions and other practical additions. Our focus here, however, is on options that help you obtain shop efficiency, the best output and possibly a new profit center via fabric design and printing. In particular, we’re looking at the Ink Performer™ (it optimizes ink consumption) and Easy Textile (for pattern generation) modules.

InkPerformer, a new V9 option, spawned from a Caldera and Alwan Color Expertise collaboration. Alwan Color (Lyon, France) is a color-management and standardization firm. V9 reduces an inkjet printer’s ink use by 20 to 35%.
Essentially, it calculates new black-ink levels to reduce other inks’ use, while reproducing the original file hues and increasing black laydown. It also allows you to use professional judgment in situations where exceptional quality isn’t required, such as distantly viewed applications.

Creating textile patterns and duplicate patterns from scratch can be painstaking. The EasyTextile™ (a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop®) option seamlessly runs through Caldera’s RIP and allows you to focus on the wide-format, custom-print fabric market. It’s a strong route into the home-décor and textile market.
Caldera’s Step-and-Repeat utility uses a shift pivot or invert function to help you create more graceful, tiled designs. And, Colorations, another feature, allows you to create color options (colorways) for repeat-type designs.


Other innovations
Other upgrades comprise LiveSpooler™ module updates that allow you to verify parameters or modify settings; an XML exchange protocol that monitors print-environment offline devices; last-minute contrast, luminosity and color-balance adjustments; on-demand Color Books swatch generation; an Easy-Media profiling module that smoothes color rendering and fine-tunes contrast and saturation; ink-density reports; ICC profile resynchronization; plus, memory management, font and X objects support.
Caldera’s RIP-module options alternative eases your initial investment. You can buy as you go. Remember also, Caldera, for years, has been recognized as a global RIP leader — its software is prevalent in many U.S. and European-based print machines.

System Requirements: Caldera V9 RIP Software
Operating system Linux OS; Caldera Debian 1.1
RAM: Minimum 2 Gb, recommended 4 Gb
Processor: Single or dual-core 2 Ghz
HDD: 250 Gb
Monitor/videocard: 1280 x1024

Operating System: OSX 10.5 to 10.7
RAM: Minimum 2 Gb, recommended 4 Gb
Processor: Single or dual-core 2 Ghz
HDD: 250 Gb
Monitor/videocard: 1280 x1024



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