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The Case for Synchronized Vacations

Closing for a week with everyone on vacation will spare worrying about your business.




Synchronized Vacations

A recent study by health researchers at Uppsala University found that when Swedes take time off, antidepressant prescriptions go down. Further, they found the more people vacationed at the same time, the greater the rate at which those prescriptions decreased. It’s not hard to guess why synchronized time off is so powerful; it’s easier to nurture relationships with family and friends when they are on leave, too. Meanwhile, if the workplace is deserted while you’re trying to relax, you’re spared anxious thoughts about tasks piling up, inboxes filling, or scheming colleagues trying to steal your job. The takeaway? Think about closing the office and production floor for a week and telling everyone to go forget about work. Your staff and you really will come back fully restored and raring to work.



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