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The Fassett Wizards on LinkedIn

Principal Sloan’s Jeff Fassett recalls the decades-old history of Sign Wizard and more.




The original Sign Wizard logo designed by Scott Fassett, 1991

Jeff Fassett, VP and general manager Aries Graphics at Principal Sloan (San Angelo, TX) has published an article entitled “The Fassett Wizards” on LinkedIn, as mentioned in an email from Principal Sloan.

The article reaches back to Fassett’s grandfather Riley Fassett who founded Los Angeles-based R.D. Fassett Signs of Quality, but like so many, found work difficult during the Great Depression. Jeff’s father Jim attended the US Naval Academy, worked for Hughes Aircraft during the 1970’s and eventually, as Jeff Fasset writes, “For some stretches in the 80’s and 90’s, all five of us Fassetts worked together in this family business. Jim was the Founder and Visionary with the sign background and engineering chops, Nancy was the VP who did sales and managed the money, Scott was the Creative/Artist, Dave was the Programmer, and I was the Shop Sweeper Outer who got promoted to Errand Runner when I was old enough to drive.”

It’s a fascinating insight into one sign family and a trip down memory lane for everyone else of a certain age, who, like the Fassetts, have witnessed incredible change and innovation in the sign industry during the past several decades.

Click here to read the article (LinkedIn account required).




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