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The Signs They Are A-Changin’, and More Reader Ruminations in December

“People’s attitudes of signs have changed a lot,” a California sign pro observes.




Pitch It To Us

  • 1. More articles and stories about environmental (experiential) graphic designers and the symbiotic relationships they have with sign manufacturers. 2. An article or two (or more) about looking for a new position in the industry and how to put one’s best foot forward, e.g., for designers: how to design a portfolio, for fabricators: methods of displaying completed jobs, for painters: ways of illustrating spraying skills, etc. 3. An article or more about ways employees can push their employer to offer more benefits/displays of appreciation. — Michael Johnson, Henry Graphics Inc., Buford, GA
  • Would love to see advice on surviving a recession! (See ST, August 2022.) — Alexandra Lund, Bismarck Sign Co., Bismarck, ND
  • I buy services from small sign companies/installers around the US. I’m amazed how many small companies fail to mark up materials they use in sign jobs. They charge me what they pay Home Depot and the trip to pick up the materials is on them. An article showing the proper way of documenting and charging for a simple job would help many. — John Miller, Signs by Autografix, Branford, CT

The Signs They Are A-Changin’

  • I love to see the ways signs are evolving! I don’t always agree … being a dinosaur, of sorts. People’s attitudes on signs have changed a lot [and they] don’t always see the fact that a great sign takes time and $$$. Folks kinda just want something cheap and they don’t really care if it lasts, like so many other things these days … Plus anyone can order anything online. Signs they are a changing. So happy to be part of it! Miss the “thumbnail” sketches … — Cindy Gillihan, Gilly’s Super Signs, Placerville, CA

Nice Notes

  • As a process junkie and small-time operator over my entire career, I’ve always appreciated seeing the craftsmanship aspect of signmaking. Having grown up in the pre-digital era, I’m still very fond of the many ways people create signs and other beautiful objects with, and without, high technology. You guys bring the good stuff, thank you! — George Brudos, Geographics Lettering & Design, Albuquerque, NM (Editor’s note: To learn more about Brudos, see page 62.)
  • Good job everyone! — Stuart Stein, Esco Mfg dba Stein Signs, Watertown, SD

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