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This Sign Pro’s Son Keeps Her Focused on What Matters

“He makes me slow down and appreciate the beauty around me.”




Jennifer Jackson
Wrico Signs Inc. | Mobile, AL

Remembering to not sweat the small stuff is pivotal to maintaining work-life balance for Jennifer. When things get tough, she remembers to laugh and take a breath. Music helps, too. “Daily exercise, a morning devotional, listening and singing to music on my commute all help me start my day off right,” she says. Weekends tend to be her time to re-energize, connect with friends and family, and have fun. “I love doing anything and everything with my son to recharge,” Jennifer says. “He makes me slow down and appreciate the beauty around me when I am too busy during the week to soak it all in.” Planning is also integral. “Without my Outlook calendar I’d lose my mind!” she says. Lastly, an attitude of gratitude helps Jennifer go with the flow and the ups and downs of owning a business.



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