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We Asked Sign Pros: Are You Superstitious?

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU: At least one believes being superstitious “is a more colorful way to walk the earth.”





Are you superstitious?

Yes: 29%

  • I blow cinnamon on my front door on Jan. 1 every year to bring in prosperity and do so many other things throughout the year to bring in positive energy. — Mieke Myrick, Front Range Signarama, Westminster, CO
  • When I walk under a ladder I have to walk back under it the other direction, LOL. — Kevin Mead, Kolor Werx Creative Services, Portland, OR
  • Being superstitious is a more colorful way to walk to earth. — Steven Carpenter, Archetype, Minneapolis
  • One word: baseball. — Grace Francisco, San Diego State University, San Diego — (plus a few others)

No: 71%

  • Life is what you make it. What comes to you is because of your actions day in and day out. — Ben Phillips, Phillips Signs Inc., Seaford, DE
  • Just don’t believe that. I figure we make our own luck. — Cody McElroy, Commercial Signs, Houma, LA
  • Superstition certainly exists, so while I say I am not superstitious, I do so with some reservation, as I realize that our consciousness is aware of only narrow bands of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. I think it’s entirely possible there’s a lot more going on around us than we can detect. — George Brudos, Geographics Lettering & Design, Albuquerque, NM
  • No, things happen for a reason. — Mike Crosley, Northeastern Sign Corp., South Colton, NY
  • I believe it’s fun to think about, and I’m happy to throw things into the universe to see what comes back. However, I’m not afraid of walking under a ladder (at least not with a hard hat). — Karrie Brock, Fastsigns of Toledo, OH and Maumee, OH
  • The more I learn about science, the less I believe in superstition. — Keith Davis, KRD Design, Chester Springs, PA


What is your “lucky number” between 1 and 10?

One Quick Question:

How do you feel about games of chance (e.g., dice, roulette, coin toss)?

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