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Woman Living Inside Sign Interviewed

Michigan woman claims the sign was an “old safe spot.”




On April 23, Midland, MI Police found a woman living inside of a sign of the local Family Fare Supermarket, who had reportedly been living there for around a year, as we reported in a May 15 news post here. The woman has since been interviewed about living inside the sign for about a year.

The unidentified 34-year-old woman has stated that the roof of the grocery store was an “old safe spot” known to her family. She was very concerned about her possessions, asking for time to gather them before she vacated the space, but  police officers said she would have to leave immediately. Her possessions would be returned to her later.

The woman was in possession of a coffee maker, computer, bedding and phone. Another officer said the makeshift housing was “impressive” and wondered how she had survived the winter, according to the article. 

“I know how to deal with that. I’ve been in Alaska,” the woman reportedly told police.

“Believe it or not, you’ve got a nickname,” an officer quoted in the article, apparently said to the woman, noting that some people apparently knew about her.  According to a related article in MLive, the woman asked police about the nickname.”“Oh, what’s that, Spider-Man or something?” she asked, per the article.

“No, Roof Ninja. Tell me that ain’t cool,” the officer reportedly said.


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