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Youth Movement

This summer, show school kids how cool it is to work in signs.




THOUGH OCCASIONALLY we hear an inspiring story about young people being encouraged to join the sign industry (see this page), far more often we are reminded of the opposite (see St, May 2023). And the steady aging of many folks in sign businesses — not just skilled installers — is a creeping concern, not unlike a snake in the grass (check here).

In our recent Big Survey, a combined 75% of our respondents reported being age 50 and older. Three-quarters over 50! Maybe that figure just represents our readership, or that survey, not the industry at large. Maybe not…

It’s a major worry — both for you and for us. On our end, we’ve instituted many changes to make Signs of the Times more appealing to shops of all sizes and readers of all ages. Features with outstanding illustrations, such as last month’s “Epic Sign Fails”, strive to do just that.

As does this month’s lead on dealing with anxiety, “Stress Busters”. Still likely a topic not expressly discussed by some, it’s a subject deserving attention both for our businesses and our lives. The article offers 20 ways to keep excessive worry at bay.

One more way might just be to share Signs of the Times with the young people you encounter this summer: seasonal high school helpers, job applicants and others. Throughout this pretty freaking awesome magazine, they’ll see you on every page.

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5 Smart Tips from This Issue

  1. Look into time-saving materials and devices to make vehicle wrapping more profitable. (Tech Products)
  2. Shorter job windows and tighter deadlines are common challenges of event signage. (Whatever the Occasion)
  3. Identify problems by their urgency versus their importance. (Maggie Harlow)
  4. Making connections in person and through social media can lead to great ideas. (Dale Salamacha)
  5. See what sign pros think about hiring an enthusiastic, though inexperienced employee. (Real Deal)



Introducing the Sign Industry Podcast

The Sign Industry Podcast is a platform for every sign person out there — from the old-timers who bent neon and hand-lettered boats to those venturing into new technologies — we want to get their stories out for everyone to hear. Come join us and listen to stories, learn tricks or techniques, and get insights of what’s to come. We are the world’s second oldest profession. The folks who started the world’s oldest profession needed a sign.

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