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9 More Sign Company Signs

Wall- or pole-mounted, monument or exquisitely carved, these nine are lookin’ fine.

JUDGE A BOOK by its cover? No. A movie by its previews? Maybe. But judge a sign company by its own sign? YES! Whether projecting from a wall, high on a pole, built into a monument or exquisitely carved, every signshop’s sign shouts out that company’s brand, point of pride and best means of advertising.

1. Great American Sign

Basking Ridge, NJ
Submitted by Gary Johnson

2. Signs Plus Inc.

Bellingham, WA
Submitted by Jim Sutterfield

3. Crossroad Sign Studio

Lynnwood, WA
Submitted by Jeff Thomas


4. Clifford Signs Inc.

Kokomo, IN
Submitted by Patrick Clifford

5. Hill House Graphics

Bristol, RI
Submitted by Ian McLellan

6. Atchley Graphics

Columbus, OH
Submitted by Derek Atchley

7. Fastsigns of Toledo

Toledo, OH
Submitted by Karrie Brock

8. A-Plus Signs Inc.

Fresno, CA
Submitted by John Johnson

9. Security Signs

Portland, OR
Submitted by Rochelle Letourneau





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