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Atlanta, GA Skilled Production Lead- Coordinator / Designer / Installer




SIGN Production Lead/ Coordinator

  1. Production Meetings- assign various tasks
  2. Sign Design
    1. Review, Maintain and Schedule Production/ Installation/ delivery dates;
    2. Maintain SAAG (Status-at-a-Glance) program for project management;
    3. Production Tasks include sending production files to Router, Printers, Benders, Laser Engraver, Plotters, Material Prep, fabrication and Installations;
    4. Shipping Duties such as Rates, Packaging, Labels, Pick Up or Drop Off (UPS, USPS or FedEx);
    5. Pick Up/ Delivery of Products or Signs.
  3. Specific Daily Tasks:
    1. Ensure completion in a timely manner. Follow up with management when complete.
      A.) Design Layouts for clients;
      B.) Prep and Fabrication of Signs;
      C.) Prep and Send jobs to Digital Printers, LEF, Laser Engraver, Accubend and Router. Be Proficient with equipment;
      D.) Assign /Maintain All Equipment Schedules. Inclusive of Vehicles, Computers and Sign Equipment;
      E.) On- Site Installation;
      F.) Site Surveys;
      G.) Vendor Pick up or Delivery;
      H.) Determine Vendor Products for Job Orders- Materials/ Parts – Create Purchase Order;
      I.) In-Shop Maintenance or Clean Up.
  4. Assist with Online presence/ marketing as needed.
  5. Negotiate Vendor Pricing and create Purchase Orders to maintain current pricing or better.
  6. Identify Issues and Creative Solutions to General Manager & or Customer Success Manager.


Advantage Graphics & Signs
Kelly Spurgeon
Atlanta, GA 30340