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Stoner Graphix helps an car enthusiast launch his second career.



Stoner Graphix (Hummelstown, PA), which has produced 3-D signage, vehicle graphics and electric signs since 1988, earned this sign project through a referral. Owner Kurt Stoner and his staff had previously produced signs for the client while he worked for a local amusement park. When the client retired to embark on a longtime dream of restoring and detailing classic cars, they hired Stoner to create a simple, yet memorable, sign.
The two-sided sign measures 5 ft. in diameter and 8 ft. tall, and comprises Duna’s 15-lb. HDU.
It’s mounted atop a base layer of Extira® treated, composite wood, with ¼-in.-thick acrylic on its face. One-in.-thick, half-round, stainless-steel barstock and polished, stainless steel serve as pole cladding and the sign’s edgecap.
“We wanted to keep the sign as cost-effective as possible, while creating a feel that made potential customers think of vintage cars,” Stoner said.
After having devised the sign design using Gerber Scientific Products’ Omega software, Stoner Graphix produced all parts on its Gerber Sabre 408, 4 x 8-ft., CNC router. Stainless-steel bolts affix the panel to the aluminum posts, which Stoner wrapped with stainless steel to match the edgecap.



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