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Editor's Note

The Joy of Working

Brief reflections on doing what you love.




WHAT’S THE POINT if you don’t have a little fun? For me, this applies to almost everything in life; though, depending on the situation, sometimes you have to find — or create — the fun. Our editorial mascot Rolf L’mao tells me writing the Real Deal scenarios is his favorite part of the job, once he has a topic!

Our editorial and sales team just returned from the ISA Sign Expo — a long four days filled with booth setup, meetings and more steps than my phone could count. But we also enjoyed reconnecting with each other and industry friends, seeing all sorts of new stuff, and raising a glass in celebration of our fourth annual Women in Signs Awards.

The First Noble Truth of Buddhism states, “There is suffering [which] must be understood” and that, again for me, ultimately applies to everything in life … which is why we need fun so much in our lives, and that includes our professional lives — especially our professional lives, which constitute half or more of our waking hours.

Our cover story features the most fun sign projects that four Brain Squad members have been involved with in the past couple of years. Check it out!

The first Editor’s Note I ever wrote was about how much fun I had going to the orthodontist because they were having so much fun (see St, December 2020, page 10). While I fear somewhat that I’m starting to repeat myself, some things bear repeating every 42 months: Have fun!

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5 Smart Tips from This Issue

  1. See why so many shops stick with eco-solvent printers for workaday jobs. (Tech Products)
  2. Learn the ABCs of ADA signage from the ADA Sign Lady. (Making the Grade with ADA Signs)
  3. Recognize and appreciate the “seasons” of entrepreneurship. (Maggie Harlow)
  4. Perfect business partners “complete each other,” as in any good relationship. (Dale Salamacha)
  5. Weigh in on how a family sign company accommodated one of its own. (Real Deal)



Introducing the Sign Industry Podcast

The Sign Industry Podcast is a platform for every sign person out there — from the old-timers who bent neon and hand-lettered boats to those venturing into new technologies — we want to get their stories out for everyone to hear. Come join us and listen to stories, learn tricks or techniques, and get insights of what’s to come. We are the world’s second oldest profession. The folks who started the world’s oldest profession needed a sign.

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