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AGC Installs Glassiled RGB Glass at Brussels National Airport

Electroluminescent glass appears translucent during the day, then radiates luminous colors at night.



AGC Glass Europe (Brussels) , which makes and processes flat glass for the construction industry (exterior glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive industry and specialist sectors, has installed its Glassiled RGB electroluminescent glass on the façade of a newly renovated wing of the Brussels National Airport. With a total surface area of 70 sq. meters, the façade comprises 28 panes of Glassiled RGB* double glazing (AGC glass containing LEDs).
Linked to a computer system, this technology recreates colors on the façade based on a random or programmed animation pattern. The project’s architects, Storme & Van Ranst, opted for a design that features vertical lines.
Glassiled RGB can be installed in double glazing. Therefore, to meet the airport’s acoustic, safety and thermal requirements, laminated Glassiled glass was installed in a low e TopN + glass. It also can be integrated into a metal frame in the same way as any other double glazing, so that façade builders can handle the glass with their usual working methods.
The glass façade appears completely transparent during the day, then changes to luminous colors at night. Passengers can watch this light show from the road when arriving at the airport and from the sky when taking off and landing. and



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