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Auto Auction Signs, Corten Steel and More in Our April Inbox

Plus, requests for outsourcing and more content for small shops.




Lights, Neon, Auction

  • I get emails from Barrett Jackson… the car auction people about upcoming and past auctions. Aside from cars, they have auctions of what they call automobelia. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the prices some of the old neon auto sales signs bring. I think the gang would enjoy seeing these old signs and what they bring at auction. — John Miller, Signs by Autografix, Branford, CT

The Metal Age

  • Would like to see a piece on aging metals. So many metals such as Corten steel are being specified, but clients and designers do not want to wait, or want a certain look that does not go any further. We have done several over the years and I would be curious to know what other shops are doing. — Matt Robinson, Eastern Sign Tech, Burlington, NJ

International Practices

  • I see a tendency of sign companies abroad going to AMC façade, merging many projects with construction and general contractors. Would like to see how this could also be a trend in the US. — Marco Milliotti, Image360 South Orlando, Orlando, FL

Reader Requests

  • Have you guys done any articles recently about wholesale to the industry — companies that would be great for sign companies to look at for outsourced fabrication, new ones or established wholesalers? — Ted Neelands, Signage & Branding, Chattanooga, TN
  • More sign projects for ideas for smaller signshops. Ideas and lists of resources for small signshops. Smaller to average sign-install tips. — John Samples, Signs 4 Less, Erie, PA

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