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City Mayor “Mortified” by New Store Sign in Historical District

It’s big, it’s bright, and for city officials, a humongous blight.




Signage for a new Silly Solly’s Discount Store in Australia doesn’t exactly blend in with its surroundings. Credit: Louise Thrower | Goulburn Post

The new Silly Solly’s Discount Store announced its arrival in the heritage precinct of Goulburn, Australia with garish, red and yellow signage, drawing a cold reception from city officials who are now deciding on what actions to take, the Goulburn Post reports.

Upon the sign’s reveal, the community “inundated” the city council with inquiries about the sign’s permissibility, the article says. That prompted Mayor Bob Kirk to take a drive past the sign to see what all the hubbub was about.

“I was mortified,” he told the Post. “That is not what we expect because we … have constraints regarding signage. Clearly [Silly Solly’s] ignored them. Surely anyone would have thought a heritage streetscape like ours would have controls on it.”

The council’s environmental director, Scott Martin, confirmed that the sign did not have proper approval. As such, the council wrote a “show cause” letter to the business asking why Silly Solly’s installed the sign without consent, also outlining the minimum penalties.

“We are hoping to get a response from the (business) owner,” he told the paper. “We’ll wait to understand his position before we decide a course of action.”

Read more at the Goulburn Post.


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