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Dr. Nisa Khan Discusses LEDs with Congresspeople

Also, keynotes Washington meeting of LED dignitaries



On May 11, Dr. Nisa Khan, ST columnist and president of LED Lighting Technologies (Red Bank, NJ), as a guest of West Virginia University (WVU) and IC INOVA (Tokyo/Los Angeles), a private consulting and advisory firm, visited the offices of Rep. Brian Baird (D-Washington), Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas) and Rep. E. Bernice Johnson (D-Texas), and with the staff office of U.S. Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, of West Virginia to discuss new innovations in LED technologies.

WVU has a research technology agreement with IC INOVA, to develop new, solid-state lighting devices through interdisciplinary research in various fields.

The congressional visitors group, with Dr. Khan as its technical counsel, presented and discussed information on energy-efficient LED lamp development.

The two organizations also sponsored an event dinner and attended a reception, hosted by Ortiz, at the South Congressional Meeting Room in the Capitol Visitor’s Center. There, Dr. Khan delivered a keynote speech – LED market applications, challenges and opportunities — to the organizations’ 80 affiliates. Attendees included government officials, scientists and executives from Japan, Mexico, Bolivia, Columbia and the U.S.

The University and IC INOVA enterprise said its efforts will impact LEDs cost effectiveness and luminosity and, accordingly, help lessen energy consumption in the United States, Japan and the world. The two organizations plan to continue cooperative research – and commercialization — in the field of LED lighting.








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