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What is SignWeb?
SignWeb has been the internet's premier resource for signmakers and online companion to Signs of the Times magazine since 1995. Both SignWeb and Signs of the Times are part of ST Media Group, which marked 100 years of serving the visual communications markets in 2006. (Back to top)

Do You Sell Signs?
No, we are a business-to-business publisher serving the signmaking industry with the latest news and information on the technology, products, operations and regulatory affairs. We cover all aspects of the sign industry and are the only publisher that does independent research in the market. (Back to top)

Do You Sell Signmaking Equipment or Supplies?
No, we do not sell signmaking products or services and do not represent any individual sign product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, or graphics producers. We advocate and educate on the appropriate use of signs and current best practices for this pervasive yet frequently misunderstood communications medium. (Back to top)

Does it Cost to Use SignWeb?
SignWeb is free to anyone with an internet connection, as long as they abide by our Acceptable Use Policy. (Back to top)

How Do You Make Money?
We sell advertising to product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and wholesale graphics producers trying to reach the largest, most active community of sign producers. (Back to top)

How Do I List My Company (I'm a Sign Fabricator)?
Stay tuned. A directory sign companies is forthcoming. (Back to top)


How Do I List My Company (Sign Product Manufacturer or Distributor)?
You can add your company to the Online Buyers' Guide. All submissions are reviewd by staff and generally approved within three (3) days. The Online Buyers Guide is for OEMs, distributors and wholesalers to the trade only. (Back to top)

Why Can't I List My Sign Company in Your Online Buyers' Guide?
SignWeb is a professional community for signmakers and a global resource for signmakers sourcing specialized products and equipment for fabricating signs. It is not as a marketplace for directly selling signs, but rather a central repository for information on how to make and sell signs. (Back to top)

Acceptable Use Policy
Use of SignWeb constitutes your agreement to abide by the conditions set forth in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The AUP may change from time to time, but the goal is to make SignWeb a free and open environment where all visitors treat each other with the respect and courtesy befitting the industry and the SignWeb community(Back to top)

Privacy Policy
For more information, click here.(Back to top)

Trademark Infringement
If, as a trademark owner, patent holder or licensee, you feel material in SignWeb infringes upon your rights, please click here for more information. (Back to top)

How Do I Edit or Remove My Message Board Post
Send a message to [email protected], including the name of the message board in which your message appears, the message subject and its URL. (Back to top)


How Do I Edit or Remove Someone Else's Message Board Post?
Same as above. (Back to top)

Why Does Someone (Keep) Removing My Post(s)?
We remove posts for any number of reasons. Commercial solicitations, web site announcements, ongoing sales promotion and geurilla marketing do not belong on any message boards except in the For Sale Classifieds. For Sale Classifieds are for the sale of used, excess and spot inventory items and equipment, not for ongoing promotion by sign product distributors, or original equipment manufacturers. We also remove posts we find off-topic, gratuitous, offensive, irrelevant, rude and/or profane. (Back to top)

My Post Was None of Those! I Demand You Reinstate It!
Well, that's a problem. First off, if we erred removing your post, please accept our apology. Sometimes we make mistakes; sometimes we disagree about the appropriateness of a post. It is not our intent to act as SignWeb librarian "sshhing" people, however, we want to maintain a positive, collegial environment where everyone feels able to contribute without fear of reprisals and name calling. Opposing an opinion gives one the right to attack the idea, not the individual. Second, we do not keep an archive of deleted posts. Chances are, once it's gone, it's gone. (Back to top)

I See an Ad for My Competitor in Signweb. How Do I Put My Company There?
There are various advertising services available in SignWeb, and they are outlined in the Advertise section of the site, which is accessible from the main navigation bar on every page. (Back to top)

How Do I Contact SignWeb?
Please be sure you question is not answered here first. If not, click here for more information. Keep in mind that we make every effort to post everything we know about signmaking on the site. If you can't find it in the site, there is a fantastic chance that we don't know.




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