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Signs of the Times

February 1911 Signs of the Times Dedicated to Metal Signs

Plus, an unexpected promise of “live” reporting pre-radio or TV.





AN ANNOUNCEMENT INSIDE this February 1911 issue reads thus: “Beginning with the March Issue Signs of the Times will publish a regular department devoted to Metal Signs. This Metal Sign Number [issue] demon­strates the activity in the Metal Sign field. Signs of the Times will keep this department filled with live articles and information con­cerning metal signs.” Live articles? By early radio or carrier pigeon? See this and other issues dating back to 1906 at

  • Closer Look
    This guy, Mr. I. H. Sawyer, wasn’t a signmaker. Dude was the advertising manager for Brown Shoe Co. in St. Louis. Please don’t ask us to feature your client’s portrait on our cover!
  • The Ballad of “Bud” Atkinson
    Page 28 of this issue includes a 12-stanza ode to “The Champion Sign Writer,” Frank H. “Bud” Atkinson. A sample couplet: “At ‘spacing,’ Bud seldom erred / But if he did, he never cared.”

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