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A simple, yet elegant, sign program embellishes the Scottish Parliament



Ayr, Scotland’s Owen Kerr Signs completed its commission to produce signage for various committee rooms for Scotland’s Parliament building. Kerr says Parliamentary officials contacted him about producing signs that provide background inspiration about such legendary Scots as poet (and Ayr native) Robert Burns, who penned Auld Lang Syne; scientist Alexander Fleming, who discovered the penicillin vaccine; and economist Adam Smith, who wrote The Wealth of Nations.

The simple, but elegant, environmental graphics feature an image of each historical figure, with brief biographies in English and Gaelic. The signs comprise oak backplates, polished acrylic panels with reverse-printed biographies; and stainless-steel standoffs.

Ayr’s Parliamentary representative, John Scott, said, “I am delighted to offer Owen Kerr Signs my congratulations. And, it’s highly appropriate the main committee room be named the Burns Room, and that its sign has been produced by an Ayr company.”



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