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MONA Presents Light in the Dark: Queer Narratives in Neon

Casting light on the influential role LGBTQ individuals have played in MONA.




The Museum of Neon Art (MONA; Glendale, CA) announced the launch of Light in the Dark: Queen Narratives in Neon, in conjunction with Circa: the first LGBTQ+ histories festival in the US. The exhibition is scattered throughout MONA’s main gallery and entrance hall for viewing Oct. 1 through March 3 — according to a press release from MONA. 

The exhibition features notable items in MONA’s collection including architectural lighting from Man’s Country, LA-based bathhouse Midtown Spa, Neon lips inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the signage for Circus of Books. The exhibition will also take place on the multimedia mobile and web-based guide Bloomberg Connects — also per the release. 

A 90-minute free program on Oct. 29 from 2:30- 4:30 invites audiences to explore the galleries with artists, activists, donors and MONA community members to learn the queer histories behind the medium. The program will feature short readings, performances, and presentations speaking to LGBTQ connections to neon art, signage, the Glendale community and the museum.

“The Museum of Neon Art would not exist without the leadership of trailblazing artists, craftspeople, and preservationists from the LGBTQ community. We are delighted to participate in the Circa Festival because throughout our 42 years of existence, MONA has held strong queer leadership,” Corrie Siegel, MONA Executive Director, is quoted in the release.

Presenter Bios

Rachel Mason is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker with a background in visual art and music.

Buck Angel is a speaker, entrepreneur and educator and a former adult film actor and producer.


Eric Lynxwiler, MONA Board president, is known as the affable host of the memorable Neon Cruises for the Museum.

GALAS LGBTQ+ Armenian Society is a non-profit that has been the leading voice in advancing equality for LGBTQ+ Armenians worldwide since 1998.

Corrie Siegel and her work as a museum professional is rooted in collaboration, creativity and pedagogy. 

For more information and to register, visit



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