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MUTOH Releases New Texture Library

Features 100 matte and glossy varnish textures for Adobe Illustrator and VerteLith RIP software.




Mutoh’s texture library files include print environments for its VerteLith rip software, which generates varnish effects.

MUTOH America (Phoenix) has released a new texture library with 100 different matte and glossy varnish textures specifically designed for Adobe Illustrator and the company’s proprietary Raster Image Processor (RIP) software VerteLith. The texture library is now available for download on the Mutoh Club under the VerteLith tab > Application and Manual, according to a press release from the company.

The texture library includes all 100 pattern swatches for Illustrator, making it easy for designers to add a unique touch to their designs in a few clicks. Additionally, the files include the print environments for Mutoh’s VerteLith rip software, which allows for the generation of many different varnish effects.

“With 100 different varnish textures, designers can add depth and texture to their designs with ease,” Derek Moffett, product manager, Mutoh America, is quoted in the release. “The files are designed for use in Adobe Illustrator, which means designers can easily incorporate the textures into their workflow. We’re excited to see what our customers create with these new tools.”

Mutoh will also soon release the texture library for use in FlexiDesigner MUTOH Edition.

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