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Second Sign Permit Violation for Twitter in a Week

New ‘X’ logo on top of San Francisco headquarters building under investigation.




On Friday we reported that last Monday San Francisco Police halted work on the removal of Twitter’s existing blade sign, leaving only the final “er” and once-famous bird logo. That same Friday afternoon, the Associated Press issued a new story, that an ‘X’ logo, clearly a rooftop sign on the same building, is now the subject of both a complaint and investigation by the city.

And once again the issue at hand is the lack of a permit. Oh, dear.

As the AP reported, replacement letters or symbols require a permit to ensure “consistency with the historic nature of the building,” according to Department of Building Inspection spokesman Patrick Hannan. “Erecting a sign on top of a building also requires a permit, Hannan said Friday,” the article further states. Um, yeah!


On Friday afternoon, a worker on a lift machine made adjustments to the sign and then left, the article also states. Whether or not the sign will remain, it seems some early reviews are in and let’s say many are not too ‘X’-cited…

You can read some of them here.

Something tells us this isn’t the end of the story. Elon Musk is involved. Plus, most great tales involve three twists of the plot so watch this space!




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