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Enfocus Announces Updates for PitStop and Griffin

The new versions integrate the two programs and come with an array of new features.




Enfocus (Ghent, Belgium) has updated PitStop Pro and Griffin to versions 24.03 to streamline wide-format print production, according to a press release.

PitStop 24.03 features a Fill to Stroke function that reverts incorrectly converted shape to its original cut path, enhanced bookmark management, new actions designed for color management and large-format printing, and simplified paths for PDF rendered, RIP engines and cutting devices. Griffin 24.03 features a Detour function that enables users to send files to PitStop to add cut lines, bleed and other modifications, then save the file in Griffin, as well as seamless integration with Onyx RIPs.

“By enabling these products to work together more closely and adding a host of new features, we’re enabling print professionals to tackle many time-consuming and challenging aspects of modern print production head-on,” Loïc Aigon, PitStop Product Manager at Enfocus, is quoted in the release.




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