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Facebook Installs New HQ Sign for Its New Name

And the reactions are generally … not great.




Credit: @EricLouieOfSF | Twitter

With Facebook’s recent announcement that it will change its company name to Meta, the tech giant has begun its rebranding, starting with a new sign at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters, The Verge writes.

The sign trades Facebook’s famous thumbs-up “Like” logo for what the article calls “a blue M that looks kind of like a pretzel.” It’s a euphemistic description in comparison to the reader comments below the story.

“It looks like an infinity logo, but it’s droopy and sad,” EhCanadian observed.

Brad007 wrote, “I know this is small, but I was surprised that it was painted rather than vinyl.”

“Wow, let me guess: WAAAY too much money was spent on designing that logo. Bit lackluster and bland if you ask me …,” WWETombstone619 opined.

As for the inspiration behind the name change to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg explained:


“I used to study Classics, and the word ‘meta’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘beyond.’ For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build, and there is always a next chapter to the story. Ours is a story that started in a dorm room and grew beyond anything we imagined; into a family of apps that people use to connect with one another, to find their voice, and to start businesses, communities, and movements that have changed the world.”

Read more at The Verge.

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