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Farm Fresh Wraps

Icon Graphics and Ferrari Color provide a wrap for a produce company’s truck.



Idaho Falls, ID-based Potandon Produce, a large potato and onion distributor throughout North America, enjoyed the fruits of Ferrari Color’s (Salt Lake City, UT) labor in producing this rustic vehicle wrap. Delorum (Rexburg, ID) created the graphics using Adobe Illustrator, and it subsequently contracted Ferrari to produce the wrap. The shop output the wrap on its Durst 160R UV-cure-ink printer with 3M’s IJ 180-10C Controltac® with Comply air-egress film. 3M’s 8519 luster-finish overlaminate protects the graphics. The graphics measure more than 350 sq. ft.

Icon Graphics (Providence, UT) installed the wrap. George Zimmerman, Icon’s general manager, said the surfaces of older trailers, which Potandon used, required de-oxidation with a diluted, citrus-based stripper to promote media adhesion.

After a full day of prep, three Icon installers completed the wrap with heat guns, 3M Gold nylon squeegees with Velcro sleeves and lots of patience to negotiate the trailer’s numerous, deep corrugations. Zimmerman said, “We tried oversized squeegees, but we couldn’t get enough pressure. Also, in our experience with air-release films, you need a surface temperature of 70°. We did this wrap around New Year’s, so we set the heat on high and let the wrap sit inside an extra day to make sure it was bonded to the surface before we sent it into the cold.”




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