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Hiring Practices and Roles for Women in Sign Companies

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU: Plus, expectations for ownership levels for women by 2030.





Does your company have a policy or intention to hire women and minorities?

Yes: 39%

  • We are a woman-owned business and for that reason we are intentional in creating access to the industry for those most underrepresented. — Sarah Dixon, Unified Sign and Design, Louisville, KY
  • As a minority owner in a [non-minority] dominant industry, more diversity is needed. — Earl Walker, Image360 Tucker, Tucker, GA
  • Helps to broaden our staff’s vision, our reach into the community and creates opportunities on many levels. It is good for business. — Steven Carpenter, Archetype, Minneapolis
  • We look for a diverse workforce. — Todd Sallas, Coastal Signs & Graphics, Slocomb, AL

No: 61%

  • We have a very diverse workforce but not by design. We hire the best candidates, and women and minorities have met that standard. — Alan Olinger, Houston Sign Co., Houston
  • We offer Equal Opportunity Employment but we don’t seek a certain gender or race. If the applicant is qualified and has work ethics and is respectful then I would hire them without prejudice. — Stephen Satterwhite, Signs Designed of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
  • It doesn’t matter — women, men or minorities. Opportunities are the same for all. — Marco Milliotti, Image360 South Orlando, Orlando, FL
  • We hire the best person, with no discriminating factors. We would hire Barney the dinosaur if we felt that he was our best choice to do the job needed. — Jim Brewer, Tennessee Sign Co., Murfreesboro, TN

Editor’s Note: Many respondents who answered “yes” provided comments similar to those answering “no” — that they are equal-opportunity employers — so the actual percentage of companies with an express policy or intention to hire women or minorities is lower than 39%.


One Quick Question:

If your company employs one or more women, in what area(s) do they work?


Women comprise 20% of sign company owners and top managers according to our 2024 Big Survey. What do you expect the percentage to be in 2030?

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