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Vehicle Wrapper Turns C6 Corvette into a Mean, Green Machine

Metro Group Miami makes the car owner's dreams come true.




This article originally appeared at our sister publication, Big Picture.

METROWRAPZ, A DIVISION of Metro Group Miami, in Hollywood, Florida, makes their name by taking car lovers’ prized possessions and elevating their looks to unforeseen and exciting levels. In this case, C6 Corvette owner Ovais Jalil built up his ride using a Valarra custom body kit and sought out Metrowrapz to make the exterior of his car pop. Throughout his building process, Jalil kept in touch with Metrowrapz’s lead designer Pablo Mazzini. After going back and forth with ideas and renderings, Jalil and Mazzini decided to wrap the vehicle using Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Wrapping Film, printed with an HP Latex 570 printer. The custom Corvette also has chrome accents and trim, chrome door jambs, and chrome rim wraps to encapsulate the chrome theme.

  • Collaborative
    The PSP listened to the Corvette owner’s recommendations and ideas when it came to wrapping unique custom areas of the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive
    Metro Group Miami’s in-house media director Alejandro Perez de Utrera Jr. staged and shot professional photos of the vehicle for Jalil.
  • Custom
    Every exterior detail of the green C6 Corvette is customized and intricately accounted for.




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