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2009’s Top Sign Stories

SignWeb doesn’t provide Miley Cyrus’ phone number, but sign professionals’ searches clue us in on their interests.



Each year, even 2009, has its highlights. SignWeb charts, thanks for Google Analytics, each item’s views and, thus, advises us about visitors’ preferences.
Whereas people search Google and Yahoo for Michael Jackson, Facebook and Lady Gaga, and answers such weighty questions as how do I lose weight or what’s Miley Cyrus’ phone number, sign professionals tend to stick to business on SignWeb, even though they wander off-topic sometimes on the most-popular SignWeb feature, the message boards.

According to Google Analytics’ page-view count, the traffic has been extra heavy this year on the Services, For Sale, Help Wanted and Wanted to Buy directories, which reflects the down economy.

As for articles, “Wayfinding Is Not Signage”, as it has for many years, consistently ranked near the top of articles viewed each month. Of the items posted uniquely this year, Wade Swormstedt’s coverage of ImagePoint’s shutdown attracted the most clicks.

To finish the year on a high point, we’d like to hear (and see, hopefully) your top, sign-related moment of 2009. Tell us about your successes – the project that exceeded all expectations, the sign that showcased your creativity, the installation that just couldn’t be done, but did. Also, attach JPEGs of the sign. We’ll post what we receive (barring blurry photos or not enough relevant detail). Let us know your name, company and location (city, state); your client (and its location) and relevant details about the job’s complexity, the materials used and why the project succeeded. The sign doesn’t necessarily have to be a candidate for our annual sign contest – we’re interested in the unique details.
We’d love to hear about (and see) your Top Sign Story of 2009. Just email me at:



Introducing the Sign Industry Podcast

The Sign Industry Podcast is a platform for every sign person out there — from the old-timers who bent neon and hand-lettered boats to those venturing into new technologies — we want to get their stories out for everyone to hear. Come join us and listen to stories, learn tricks or techniques, and get insights of what’s to come. We are the world’s second oldest profession. The folks who started the world’s oldest profession needed a sign.

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