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A Sign Company’s Team Sponsorship Blends Involvement and Fun

Community participation enhances the shop’s brand and marketing.




The Minot Hot Tots held a contest in which fans chose this design as a wrap for a sponsor’s truck. The Minot Hot Tots held a contest in which fans chose this design as a wrap for a sponsor’s truck.

IT WAS DEFINITELY the first time we wrapped anything with tater tots! Ha!” laughs Alexandra Lund, founder of Bismarck Sign Co. (Bismarck, ND). And that’s only the start of what makes this wrap so fun.

Last year the shop started a sponsorship with a local Northwood League Baseball team, the Minot Hot Tots. Bismarck Sign provides a specific dollar volume in signwork; then the team pays for anything additional. “In return, we get tickets to the ‘Sign Co. Suite Seats’ — all season long — that include dinner and drinks at every game,” Lund says.

Bismarck Sign receives “Sign Co. Suite Seats” in return for their sponsorship.

Bismarck Sign receives “Sign Co. Suite Seats” in return for their sponsorship.

Not long after the sponsorship was in place, the Minot Hot Tots’ marketing crew devised a promotion to spark community involvement and ownership, she says. Thus, the team announced a contest involving the fans voting for a Tot-based wrap design destined for a pickup truck provided by Westlie Motor Co. in Minot, another sponsor.

Fans had their choice from Tot Wheels, The Terminator and (my favorite), Cheese Louise. “The vote was held in the winter of last year,” Lund says, then installed at the end of winter to be ready for the spring season. Using the logo provided by the team, design execution topped the challenge list. “We really wanted to make sure the designs that we put together were eye-catching, simple and to the point,” she says, adding contrasting colors, being easy to read and fitting the theme as additional design goals.

When all the votes were counted, The Terminator and (sadly) Cheese Louise dipped a bit — likely into a tasty sauce — and Tot Wheels rolled away as the winner.

Bismarck Sign printed the fans’ choice Tot Wheels wrap on 3M Controltac Graphic Film IJ180Cv3 using their HP Latex 800W, then laminated it with 3M Scotchcal 8518 Overlaminate applied via their Seal Laminator.

How could Cheese Louise not win?!

Some of the reasons Lund and Bismarck Sign decided to do this sponsorship include community involvement, which helps with enhancing the company’s brand and marketing. In addition to what they donate, the shop shares what they receive, namely the free tickets, dinners and drinks, with their clients and their families. The tickets also make great giveaways and let’s not forget the Bismarck Sign staff itself, to have a fun night out with their families, Lund says.

All in all, a very appetizing arrangement for everyone — and fun. In fact, “Our social media team had a little too much fun finding ‘potato-themed’ music/sounds to have in the background of our social posts,” Lund adds. Cheese Louise!





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