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Auto Dealership’s 30-ft.-Tall Neon Sign Catches Fire – Again

Sign company to assess damages, estimated to be around $10,000.




The 30-ft.-tall, neon-lit sign outside of Rick’s Auto Sales in Cedar Rapids, IA caught fire on Labor Day evening, resulting in an estimated $10,000 in damages, The Gazette reports.

It hasn’t been determined what caused the sign to go up in smoke, though owner Rick Porazil suspects a blown transformer or even a bird may be the culprit.

Porazil told the paper this was the second time the sign has caught fire and that Monday night was “kind of a déjà vu.” The first fire happened in the summer of 1998 and was due to defective wiring.

Porazil said he will ask the sign installer to look at the damage. “They did the neon this time and they will assess if it needs to come down,” he said. “The whole front-end fiberglass is burnt, but we have to see how bad the neon tubes are and how hot the glass was.”

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