Palmer Signs (Roseville, CA) experimented with layers in Photoshop to create a textured effect to the raptor’s skin.

Creating a Raptor

Mark Kissling
Image 360 Tucker's Teresa Walker

Can't Break Her

Grant Freking
Mark Kissling From the Editor

Customer Service or Else

Mark Kissling
Media 1 wrapped toll booths for the Central Florida Expressway Authority.

Charge On!

Dale Salamacha
Tech Review: Signshop Management and Estimation Software

Signshop Management and Estimation Software

Chris and Kathi Morrison
503 Sign Works (Beaverton, OR) Warehouse Manager Frank Kelsay’s pickup truck often collects honks and waves from fellow veterans.

We Salute These Wraps

Mark Kissling
When the French Paper Co. (Niles, MI) gave customers posters as well as sample books, they added another dimension to their sales game. The incredible designs by Charles S. Anderson ( didn’t hurt, either.

Poster Bored?

Jeff Russ
AP Corp applied layers and five different types of vinyl to conjure the mother of all dragon wraps.

Hidden Dragon

Mark Kissling
Gravity Graphics' David Kearsley's new wrap technique of underlay embossing retains the look of vehicle badges and emblems.

What Lies Beneath

Mark Kissling
Maggie Harlow profiles artist Ciara LeRoy and presents key steps to prepare your shop for a painted sign or mural.

Painting Signs and Murals

Maggie Harlow