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Signs of the Times is working to is creating content to match the sign industry’s new realities.



REMEMBER THE EARLY days of COVID-19? I don’t think I’ve ever checked the news quite so often. And maybe these still are the early days, though I hope that by the time you read this, much has changed.

There are no bold truths for today. I think it’s possible that my partner and I had the virus already. It’s hard to pinpoint, even with an antibody test. We both found it difficult to take time away to be sick. (Of course, we did self-quarantine).

We know, too, how lucky we are to be working, all of us who still are. To wit, Signs’ team created more new content this past month than ever before. It’s a testament to the human powers of concentration, or maybe the infectious urgency that new legislation has brought.

We’ve launched “Sign Strong” not only as an e-newsletter, but as a mindset and way of dealing with today’s pervasive uncertainties. Sign up here: We’ve also published four webinars to answer questions related to the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and more. Access them at

On page 30 of this month’s issue, Associate Editor Grant Freking compiled compelling responses to the pandemic from sign companies, manufacturers and industry leaders. Read his piece first.

Behind the scenes, honestly, we’re people just like you. We’re creatively blocked a bit more than normal these days. Work-life balance is a little off-kilter. We worry too much about what we read online. We get bored. We wonder what’s next.


Because signs aren’t going anywhere, there will be work, both for you and for us. Yet, your survival concerns are legitimate, as are the opportunities to rebound once the pandemic is behind us. If you’re sleepless and finding focus impossible, share this with the people in your life. When you figure out something that helps you, share that, too. Let people into your professional – and personal – lives behind the scenes, and acknowledge the heroism of the everyday efforts that keep you moving forward in difficult times.



New Golf Course Graphic Installations With Mactac

Visual communication is essential to a successful business. 2020 required restaurants to pivot from promotional graphics to safety and spacing graphics. Now that restaurants are reopening, it's time to make necessary signage updates and Mactac is here to help. Before you even enter a building, there are thousands of opportunities to welcome and inform your patrons. Whether that is with window graphics, sidewalk graphics, or building wall signage. Stick with us as we walk through the endless opportunities and which Mactac products can help you achieve the goal.

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