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You Don’t Need Uniforms to Make People Remember Your Company

Instead, try this low-effort tactic to make a long-lasting impression.




A lot of people just don’t like the thought of wearing a uniform, even if it’s a polo shirt with a business logo. But how to send a “team” message without being a sartorial dictator? A colleague who attended a recent trade event (in another industry) believes he came across the answer: bright orange Nike sneakers, as worn by one busy crew at a major booth. “When you see the first pair of orange Nikes, you think, ‘Hmm. Bright shoes! Bet someone’s luggage was lost,’” he said. “See a second pair, though, and you think, ‘Wait … what’s up with that?’ After seeing the third pair, you know something is up, and you actually want to find out what the story is here.” So, become the sign business whose staff wears orange (or purple, or pink) shoes. People will remember you for it.

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