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Buc-ee’s: Typo or Marketing Ploy?

The gas station has social media buzzing with curiosity.




Buc-ee’s gas stations are quickly becoming popular in the United States, especially in Texas, from their beaver nuggets, clean bathrooms and customer service. 

However, Buc-ee’s recently came into the spotlight because of a typo on one of their billboards located 73 miles away from their Temple, TX location. Instead of reading “Howdy,” it read: “Hodwy,” according to local NBC affiliate, KCEN-TV. 

It’s unsure whether the typo was a mistake or a marketing trick to get people talking about Buc-ee’s. 

“It’s just kind of a Texas icon now,” says Brendan Tarleton, a resident of San Antonio and Buc-ee’s lover. “Buc-ee’s is already one of those places that people are interested in. It’s on social media as being like this… mall of a convenience store. I think it’s just them trying to be wacky and funny, especially with social media and the internet the way it is now.” 

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