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He Was All About Signs, All of the Time – Then He Met His Wife

Married life and little Melvin taught him the importance of disconnecting from work.




Melvin La Pan
General Manager, FASTSIGNS of Augusta (Augusta, GA)

Balancing work and home life has never come easy for Melvin. As a self-described “straight-from-the-womb signman,” even the drive home can pull him back into work mode. (“Ooo, their sign is out …”) As a single man, Melvin says he never had to think about achieving a balance. “After getting married I still struggled, much to the chagrin of my beautiful bride,” he recalls. “Having our first child, Little Melvin, has opened my eyes to the importance of disconnecting from work.” While Melvin still answers some after-hours phone calls, late-night installs and weekend sales appointments are now few and far between. “In my free time I enjoy throwing the occasional 180 [in darts], spending time with family or lounging on the beach at Tybee Island,” he says. “Whether it be a child, your spouse, family or friends — wake up.”

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