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Planning Q4, Starting 2024 Budgets and Linking Social Media to Your Site Make October’s List

Also, checking your site’s accessibility and more.




OCT. 1-7

MARKETING October is the beginning of the final stretch for Spencer Coleman, Signarama Wasatch Back (Heber City, UT). “We meet with local dealerships to market with them for tax write-offs,” he says. “This is a great way to have our customers taken care of when it comes to their new fleet vehicles.”

OCT. 8-14

PLANNING The start of the fourth quarter is when Adam Brown and Sign Effectz (Milwaukee) start planning and budgeting for the next year — “on paper, not just conceptually,” he says. “It takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Start early and it’ll be less of a burden,” he adds.

VENDORS Getting set up on vendor lists that his team has a passion for is high on the list of to-do’s for Pat Dacy, 3V Signs & Graphics (Torrance, CA). Energy and engagement make it fun, he says, and his team carries the enthusiasm into the projects.

OCT. 15-21

SALES Sabrina Davis, Port City Signs & Graphics (Wilmington, NC) plans on having her team work on budget planning “in terms of guesstimating rough sales numbers based on what steady clients historically spend,” she says. “We are putting these numbers in spreadsheets for sales tracking.”

OCT. 22-28

PLANNING, PART DEUX Review how the year will end and begin working on projections for 2024 are on the docket for Angela Goffstown from Boyd Sign Systems in Englewood, CO. Meanwhile, Mike McClure, Ad Art (San Francisco) will also review jobs that have not closed but are likely to before the end of the year.

ACCESSIBILITY “We want to make sure our websites are up to the latest accessibility standards,” reports Sharon Toji, H Toji and Co. (Lakewood, CA), “so we’ll be checking them and making some changes.”

OCT. 29-NOV. 4

MANAGEMENT John Konopka, US Sign and Mill (Fort Myers, FL) shares that October is a transition period for his role in the company. “As I shift from my day-to-day, regularly scheduled programing to full dedication towards a handful of high-profile, detail-heavy, time-specific yearly projects,” he says, “I use October to catch my team up on any carry-over projects that may be lingering as they become the project management driving force that keeps the rest of the company moving forward into Q1.”


Monthly Project

Link Your Socials

If you’ve created a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business, chances are you have already linked your website in your profile so visitors can click through to your site and hopefully convert into customers. What many businesses neglect, though, is adding visible links
to their social media profiles on their website. It’s a missed opportunity because at the most basic level, adding social media links on your website helps you grow your followers — which grows your reach.

Social links may be a small detail, but their impact is mighty. When a searcher discovers your website from a relevant Google search, you also get to place your social media profiles in front of them, where otherwise they might not find them.

Social media links can make your website more discoverable on organic searches by increasing its visibility. The more information Google has on your company, the more value it deems your website to have. Regularly updating your social media pages with your latest products, updates and developments builds your brand story and maintains your relevance. So, not only will you appear more favorably to search engines, but you’ll also be viewed as reliable and trustworthy by your visitors and followers.




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