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Scheduling Performance Reviews and Tax Prep Are Among February’s Tasks

Analyzing phone vs. email/online inquiries is another thing one sign company will do.




JAN. 28-FEB. 3

FINANCES Income tax preparation is just around the corner, as Raychel O’Donoghue, Lexington Signs & Graphics (Burlington, MA) reminds us. “I never look forward to this,” concedes Roger Cox, Vim Creative Studios (Hanalei, HI).

FEB. 4-10

EMPLOYEES Designate the first week of every month to prepare performance appraisals for those with anniversary dates that month, suggests Melanie Harden, Creative Sign Designs (Tampa, FL).

SALES Updating prices is on the docket for both Louise Fischer, Trimline Signs & Graphics (Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada) and Sabrina Davis, Port City Signs & Graphics (Wilmington, NC). “Negotiating some labor price increases we need to implement for customers we serve on a weekly basis” is also on the list, says Davis.

FEB. 11-17

CUSTOMERS “We are improving our system for communicating with our clients so that they better understand what we need from them and what they can expect from us to complete their project,” says Stephen Russ, Ortwein Sign Co. (Chattanooga, TN). “This communication is extremely important to us, so that our clients have the best experience possible.”

FEB. 18-24

MARKETING February is time to reach out to landscaping and boat companies, and remind them to get their orders in so they will be ready for the season, reports Rita Siprak-Weill, Minuteman Press Annapolis, (Annapolis, MD), “because once the weather changes, they’ll be busy and won’t have the bandwidth to think about these marketing materials,” she says.


FEB. 25-MAR. 2

ANALYSIS Tallying incoming phone inquiries vs. email and online is on the list for Jeff Thomas, Crossroad Sign Studio (Lynnwood, WA). The tallies will then be broken out by new prospects, existing clients and referrals. “We record those metrics daily but rarely take the time to compile and discuss how to improve results,” Thomas says. Similarly, “Reviewing analytics and seeing what we might need to renavigate for Q2” are tasks for Alexandra Lund, Bismarck Sign Co. (Bismarck, ND).


Just a couple of regular guys taking a sign selfie. Crestwood, MO, 1979. Of course these two fine gentlemen, Eddie Van Halen (left) and David Lee Roth (right) are anything but regular guys. — Jeff Russ, SOT Facebook curator

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