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Vision III Imaging Offers v3 Optical Systems

Parallax scanning technology enhances Images with depth and texture.



Vision III® Imaging Inc. (v3), Vienna, VA, is offering v3 Optical Systems with parallax scanning technology, to enhance standard, 35mm film, broadcast video, HD and computer images with impressions of depth and texture that achieve a greater sense of realism. Additionally, v3 images may be viewed on standard displays (television, motion picture projection and computer monitors) without the need for any special viewing equipment.

The technology can be applied at the point of origination so that digital-signage companies can improve the quality of advertisers messages.

Vision III developed v3 parallax scanning technology for recording visual parallax information, which is the 3-D component of the human visual system. Because v3 parallax scanning technology is based on human visual perceptional mechanisms, it doesn’t rely on image format or hardware (i.e. special glasses or display devices).

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