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Manager's To Do

You’ve Made Lots of Signs Over the Years, But Have You Shown Them Off?

A full web marketing audit is one of our top to-do items for sign managers this month.




JULY 3-9

MARKETING Include a QR code next to your company logo in the corner of any donated July 4th sign or banner, so customers can instantly view your website or join your mailing list.

JOB BIDS Go through all your old estimates, call everyone and let them know their quotes are about to expire. BTW, what’s an “old estimate” nowadays, three weeks?

JULY 10-16

TIME OFF Make sure the projects are flowing and bills are paid so you can head out on vacation. Also, take measures to enable every employee to enjoy a jolly holiday, too.

EVENTS If your company produces event merchandise as well as signs, send out a promotion of your offerings for local concerts, state or county fairs, and more.

JULY 17-23

MANAGEMENT Hold morning production meetings for each of the front and back of the company. Focus on strategy with the sales team; suggest skills to sharpen up, fixes and education for the shop.

SELF-BRANDING Do a website audit. See what flows, what looks outdated. Signshops are marketing hubs; make sure your own marketing is up to par.

JULY 24-30

MARKETING Take advantage of your expert knowledge. Build case studies from large projects you’ve done. These provide valuable content for your website, social media, press releases and other outlets.

PLANNING While we all could do without endless TV commercials, you’ll want to be ready for the rush of yard-sign, banner and other election-related orders soon on the way. Enjoy!


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