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Learning When to Say No Has Paid Off for This Sign Creative

It’s among his most important keys for achieving work-life balance.




George Brudos
Designer/Craftsman | Albuquerque, NM

Good balance is often accompanied by intentional, controlled motion, whether riding a bike, writing a story or running a creative business, according to Geo. On work-life balance, he feels it’s best to remain flexible and develop a resilient mindset, as balance can be elusive. “Keep moving,” Geo says. “Rest when necessary.” He enjoys making and eating good food, taking frequent walks and learning, every day. In addition, reading, drawing, making, and especially, regular attention to important relationships, all contribute to his sense of balance. “Learning when and how to say no has also led to improvement,” explains Geo, who is grateful for times when work and life have been well balanced. “I still work toward endless patience with others — and myself — in times when balance takes a hike.”



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